Talking Sticks DVD

Institutional price $295.00 USD.

By accepting this product at this purchase price your organization accepts the following licensing conditions. These conditions are essential for World Mallet Group, Inc. d/b/a Living Arts Productions, to comply with the licenses we have purchased for Talking Sticks content in order to protect from piracy and illegal posting of any portion of Talking Sticks on the internet:

1. Library purchase only
2. Faculty Reserve section. Checkout only by faculty. Not available for direct student use in or out of library.
3. No admission charge for screenings
4. No portion will posted on the internet, including school-only servers with student-only access.

Talking Sticks Long Sleeve t-shirt
(large color logo on front)
$16 USD


Talking Sticks Short Sleeve t-shirt
(large color logo on front)
$25 USD


Coming soon!